It feels like Tokyo's ages ago, yet I haven't had time to even properly touch any shots from the major shoots.

I'm like a walking zombie, missing so much sleep I feel like throwing up. Never had so much work work before, except maybe during my time in Lasalle's foundation year, trying to perfect every single detail for my submissions, going for rifle training and preparing for my competitions, having weiqi classes in between, memorizing games, and sleeping 2 hours a day for a straight 2 weeks... Now I think about it I can't quite figure out how I survived.

Finished a set of photos for today's deadline and finally went to sleep around 1pm. Woke up to a call some 3-4 hours later.

I stared at the caller ID, zomgitsmystylist. First thought: There's light outside, but it can't be the afternoon anymore, it must be morning. Omfg did I oversleep for my shoot?! I searched around for a clock to find none, flipped open the laptop but the battery was flat.

*panics even more* But I set 2 alarms, how could I have not heard it if it's morning and I'd slept for over 20 hours?

I held the phone, dashed out of bed, still panicking, thinking maybe I should jump over my balcony or find an accident to meet myself with, or both. (I actually headed in that direction, and it was really my thought then)

Then something in my mind clicked, I suddenly came to a realization, with the phone still ringing in my hand, that it was not the stylist for tomorrow's shoot that's calling! I breathed and sat back down on my bed. As I picked up the phone I saw that the time was 5pm and I should likely still be living in Tuesday.

Ah I just aged a couple years there.


There'd been a lot of hilarious stories during photoshoots, pity I can't talk about them.

Last night I was asked if I wanted to participate in the 1st World Mind Sport Games to represent Singapore in weiqi, I really wanted to say yes, but because it's open to both pros and amateurs and not a lowly amateur competition which I could just join for fun, it means either instant death or instant death or instant death or maybe a slim chance of seeing Lee Sedol and/or Lee Changho play...

Singapore Flyer tomorrow, pity they're only allowing us to shoot for one ride. /_