Some photos I took while staying at IFS Tokyo:

During my stay there the table had always been pushed against the wall on the right to give me more space for photoshooting. And it'd always been filled with stuff from edge to edge. *hopeless*


<3 Apartment lobby. This white glowing box is our mailbox. It's so coool okay. :3

The bath was a great size... and I realized that I'd never appreciated the heated toilet seat enough until I returned to Singapore.

Ahh I wonder when I can go back again. Even though I felt like I shopped a lot, now that I'm back it feels like I haven't bought much clothes for myself at all. (Even though I repeatedly told myself to stop buying for shoots, majority of my items turned out to be for the very purpose anyway T_T)

I'd been working and trying to enjoy life back in sg.

On Monday we had a shoot that involved 48 J. Co donuts in my living room (nice stuff). The aftermath isn't exactly glorious so I'd been persuaded not to post the photo. It's nothing super epic, but Kagestuki (she wasn't shooting with me) and I had fun eating 6 within moments afterwards. XD

It's only 2 and I'm sleepy, shall go to bed... ;_;

Some scans of work done in Feb: