Tokyo Day21-22

Sleep, eat, read. That about summarizes most of the past 2 days. XD

Today's evening was spent with fellow photographer ND Chow.

Very fun and easy to speak to, talked random stuff and also a bit about photography, shooting, travels, lighting, and how his recent Shiseido shots used 30+ lights. He said it's nothing compared to this other guy who used 120 brons. =_=

Ordered delivery for dinner~ my first time in Tokyo. :3 I was too hungry to take a picture because I didn't eat the whole day, also had some expensive chocolates from Jean-Paul Hevin...

ND was really encouraging and reassuring, something I really need at the moment. I may seem like I'm doing a lot right now but some days I'd still feel utterly useless and lost and confused. It was wonderful company. *n0ds*

Some photos done for Smitten in the current issue.

Nothing much these 2 days. Now back to a few backlog photos from before the days of the X Japan concerts from last weekend.

The epic queue for merchandise:

It comes in from futher than where the center arrow's tail is.

The below shot is from the right corner of the above:

And the below one while standing on the left side, the line that was opposite me:

And taaaa, it leads to the merch booths finally~! It was about 2hours of queuing or so.

And oh oh, my ticket. :3

My seating on the first night. Pretty far back, had to look at the screens most of the time to see what's going on stage.

From my seating on the 2nd night, B block~ This is the right side of the stage. There was only A block in front of us. I could see the stage, I could see it~!!! *weeps*

X Japan: Night of Creation @ Tokyo Dome 30th Mar 2008

Well, the most epic yet.

I'm sure you can find the setlist online elsewhere, so I'm just going into points I noted. I think it lasted 3.5hours or more. Awesomeness.

Unlike the previous 2 nights this one opened with Tears.

The acoustic wasn't Say Anything, but Forever Love. Toshi cried. It was so... painful. I don't think it's something that'd be able to be related to and felt if it's only seen on DVD later...

Without You was still really the most beautiful to me all 3 nights. Yoshiki had a few misplayed notes... more than the previous nights, probably a little shaky...

Orgasm was... unexpected. If we went back to the old songs, I'd probably have wished to hear a few others. Then again I guess because it hypes up things a lot, only wish it didn't last -that- long.

After Violet UK + h.Naoto show followed by Yoshiki's drum solo again, this time the ballad that followed was Endless Rain.

Endless Rain, ahhh it was like The Last Live. After the song ended and band members retreated the audience continued singing the chorus until the next song began. It must have lasted for about 15min. Almost surreal.

Art of Life continued from where it left off on the first night.

Sugizo was still really really awesome, I was so entranced by his stage presence. And Sugizo by far throws water bottles the furthest.. 3 blocks~!!!! *_*

The end was wrapped up with the throwing of random stuff, and at the very end the biggest Hide plushie was brought onto stage. I saw other band members' plushies too, near the back of the stage, but I guess they decided only to bring out Hide's in the end.

A giant pick someone a few seats away from me managed to get.

The flyers from the concert. Also some random eyeliner stuff I bought during those few days, and a Samurai 7 Artbook I received as a gift in the mailbox. X Japan tumbler and handphone straps, merchandise merchandise~~ I wish I'd gotten the hoodie but I really didn't want to queue for so many hours again ;_;

Overall I'm very happy with the 2nd and 3rd night. And thank you JRock Revolution for giving us overseas fans the chance to purchase the tickets.

Moving on to shopping.

I gave in and bought the Na+H top. 450bucks. D: I don't know what I was thinking, it was totally under Kagetsuki's influence. The h.Anarchy top was nice, and, not expensive. XD

And this pendant too. The Moi-même-Moitié's finally gotten to me. Arghhh. Luckily she didn't stay longer, or I might really go broke. Wahahah. *has weak resistance to Kagetsuki's influences*

Well that's it for now. Hope everyone's having fun. :3