Tokyo Day31-33

This last stretch of my trip will include shopping, shopping, and shopping.

Well though I did a lot in the first 2-3 weeks too but they were mostly for shoots other people, now it'd just be for myself. XD

Mailed 20kg of stuff back on Thursday with the help of my assistant Kuni. I decided, that should be it, no more books, I'm not particularly fascinated with anything at the moment. I should have quite a little space for the umbrellas I am planning to buy, and misc stuff like that. Yet now my luggage is once more 5 artbooks heavier. Oh Jingna I wonder why.

Spent yesterday morning changing my flight from the 19th to 17th. I was put on damned hold for 20min on the Zuji line I can memorize the line they repeat over the music every half a minute now. I gave up and had Peixuan to ring up for me, she waited for another 30min. To then find out for ticket changes now I am supposed to call the airline side in Japan since I am here. How would I have known when the eticket said when you're overseas dial this number xxxxxxxx. My wasted long distance call was enough for a good meal at Sun and Moon.

Shopped in Asakusa in the afternoon, I bought 4 umbrellas, 3 wooden dolls, a small kanzashi, and some other random stuff that added up to 370 before I realized I don't spend that much even in two months in Singapore, then again I realized I bought them for shoots. I need to stop obsessing with my sets.

I tried on a Moitie pinstriped 2 piece (vest+long skirt, suit-ish), I don't know if the loose fitting was due to the fact that I didn't wear a blouse inside or what... the skirt is very very nice though. If the vest fit better I am... very.. very...

Oh no we are not spending money on clothes we have no occasions to wear to.

Day 33: Shopping madness

Even though today didn't start on the best note a day can begin on (I burnt my fingers at the stove), I can say it was turning brighter so quickly every hour I'm almost overflown with happiness.

Met asuka111 around noon, had ramen for lunch and showed him a few shops. Just for a few moments I had some time to shop too.

My Alice Auaa obsession continues:

*loves* I'd been eyeing this for years. Decided to buy the sleeves later on too. It sucks that Alice Auaa boutique doesn't allow trying on for all cut-sew garments. Even if they're the cheaper range they still cost a few hundreds a piece, we need to try damn it~!

Moi Meme Moitie lace/velvet choker.

My lovely h.Naoto bag.

And because noah-kh was bugging me for it (the first time in a very very long time), I agreed to look for 竹谷隆之作品集【漁師の角度】for him. 20,000yen and he changed his mind.

So instead of buying the book for him I ended up picking up 3 myself.

Yoshitaka Amano's Maten, Hiroaki Samura's Hitodenashi no Koi (The Love of the brute), Toshiaki Kato's 幻神.

Maten's good, one of the books I seem to like more.

I bought Toshiaki Kato's one based on the cover, and I think it was a wonderful wonderful thing because it's absolutely absolutely love. I can't believe there's no entry on him on wiki.

Kagetsuki and I both agreed that this one reminded us a little of Kaori Yuki and we wondered for a moment what's she doing.

Ahhh love. Only love can describe it. *adds to list of obsessions* I need more of his artbooks. This one is from 1995, it's going to be such a pain to find. *remembers her obsession with trying to collect Suemi Jun's works at one point of time when she was young*

Ah anyway. I had to hold back happiness from showing on my face when I saw Hiroaki Samura's artbook. I never really knew he had one, I'll get everything anyway.

It's a good book, but was so cheated by this innocent looking cover. Quote from Animenation:
Acclaimed manga artist Hiroaki Samura, best known in America as the creator of "Blade of the Immortal," turns his attention to an examination of violent sexuality in this exotic 106 page collection of monochrome illustrations depicting delicately drawn women bound, tortured, cut, pierced, beaten, dismembered, and sadistically tortured. Considering the extremely graphic and unsettling content of this art collection, viewer discretion is highly recommend.

Well they're pretty heavy and definitely NSFW, but since I really like his works I'd still share 2, nothing too extreme. Sorry the images are slightly distorted, I don't really wanna spread my book wide open :P

One of my favorites from the book.

Some of them are a lot closer to realism than his usual stuff, which is what made the images more provocative in my opinion. A good book, rating would be R21 in SG term. I don't like him one bit lesser, probably more. Blade of the Immortal 22 is out here in Tokyo, I want to read argh. Though had I known the language I'd be buying home a truckload full of mangas.

Thank you for reading. :3