Tokyo Day34: Alamode Night

Wonderful experience... my ears are ringing nonstop again. Worse than the nights at the X Japan concerts because I was right next to the speaks today. =_=

Met some wonderful people. And the greatest thing... ahh I will write about it next time.

Opening was Rose de Reficul et Guiggles. I couldn't understand much, but they were awesome.

Totally love this guy.

The kid was awesome too.

This one was playing guy on this side, and woman on the other.

The setlist alternates between performances and DJs. I'm not sure who were the DJs in between, sorry XD

Next was Blood.

Ummm. Fu~ki is cool. But he was facing the other side mostly, if not his bangs just blocked his face every time he turned over.

Only 3 shots. The one of Kiwamu was actually taken during GPKISM's slot. ^^;

One more DJ, then came The Candy Spooky Theater.

He was so fucking beautiful (pardon my language) I could have cried. He was almost the best thing about tonight. And he wears Auaa. My perfect muse.

Oh and I thought this was super super cool too. Their stage presence was so good.

Then there was DJ Sisen~ *forgot to take photos*

GPKISM next.

Ryonai from Blam Honey as guest. I love all the stuff from his line Suppurate System so much. ;_;

Followed the guys up to the backstage area afterwards and hung around with GPK, missed a bit of spectrum-x and I was too lazy to run back to grab my camera. They were pretty good. Nice stage presence, all of them had, actually. It's been a while since I'd been to gigs back in Singapore... I hope streetfest promises a good startlist.

Ah well, so, yes, good day. *happiness* I even dressed up a little for the occasion. It also makes the most expensive set I'd ever gone out with. Na+H top, h.Naoto blood skirt, Laundry coat. =X

Awesome day, though I'd just remembered that I'd missed the last chance to see Harajuku on a Sunday this trip. Ah well~ next time I guess.

It's been a long long time since I'd taken any event photos. The last time I was in Tokyo was thanks to The Arts House (covering Spotlight Singapore in Tokyo). And thereafter they would call me for dates I'm away, just when I'd booked my air tickets. Always. It's been happening so many times I begun anticipating it even. Booooo, such is life. T_T