All I wanted to do for my birthday

Was to sleep and rest.

Before I started getting smses at 4am saying happy birthday and non-stop ones flowing in at 8am. Why had no soul done this last year when I was really free? (Well okay some did, but you know, not like this. And well, I was in Thailand for competition, so I probably offed my phone.)

Anywhere before 12pm is generally not good to sms/call me because I actually need the rest. It's way too early in this period called morning for me to be up, a foreign concept for me except on photo shooting days.

I am still glad to receive the messages, though. :3

Reality caught up as I tried to go back to sleep, that I really have 6 editorials due this coming week and a hundred other photos to retouch from my never-ending backlog.

Nevermind, just wake up I said, and thought sweetly about my best friend's sms yesterday,

"I actually played snooker with Lee Sedol and won money from him." It still makes every inch of me want to be in Shanghai even in the afterglow of it all. My heart was racing so fast after reading the sms I thought I'd hyperventilate (I mean it, I was in the middle of a photoshoot and I don't think I'd react that way even if it was about Yoshiki).

I mean, in my dreamed up situation there's only him and Lee Sedol, although I guess there might have been Chang Hao, other Chinese players he once trained with, and translators.

I hope he took a photo.

Oh well. Nevermind that.

This was cut last Sunday since he's in Shanghai this week. From Häagen-Dazs, strawberry and macadamia ice cream cake, I love.

Spent the day working on photos.

Had dinner with Derek, and talked a little about the arts and the paths I'd taken, and how not to sound like I am encouraging students to quit school should I be asked to talk about it, but really, the point is schooling isn't everything. Talked a little about Japan and Singapore, he says I'm having a reverse culture shock when I mentioned how I felt people seem so rude all of a sudden.

Had wonderful strawberry shortcake at Canelé, stuffing the mental note that I'm yet again putting on weight to the back of my head, where it's starting to get crammed with all these notes, and I went on about how the batch that came out after our order was 1cm thicker.

Due to some odd alignments of the celestial elements in the past few days I actually dreamt about Gundam Wing. Such days I wake up to find myself happy.

Ah well, bout time to end the fangirling, back to work.