Another year.

The one of being 19 passed quickly, and I wish I'd had more time with it. There were the usual tears and pain, maybe a little lesser than years before. It had been fruitful, I survived.

For half of it I struggled to get better and stand up from where I fell in air rifle, and the other half was being swept into working life full time before I could stop it from happening, not that I'm complaining. I lived alone in Japan for one and a half months, pretty much cut myself off from people in Singapore, it's different living overseas all alone.

I made more important decisions for my life that people groaned and disagreed with, thank you for pushing the blame onto my mum, but sorry to let you know it only made us stronger and I despise you more.

I withdrew from air rifle and schooling, and air rifle had meant so much to me I never imagined the day I leave would be before 25 or 30. But this much focus and devotion I felt was needed and decided to give to my photography.

No regrets.

Still, so much insecurities, uncertainties. But I'm trying.

Such a year being 19.

Please, accept my utmost sincere thank yous from the bottom of my heart for your support, and continue to give me your guidance in this year as I turn 20.

Noah, thank you for loving me, and never giving up on trying to pull me out of the darkness. Our memories, I will hold them dear.

04 05 08