Streetfest D'J Party 2008

Highlight of the day has to be the closing band put together by members from the organizing committee.

They were really awesome, super tight. The best in a long long long long long long time.

To my surprise I met the bassist and drummer from my first band. I still remember, that it was on hide's deathday (I didn't know it back then, of course), that I went to Davis with my bassist to buy his first bass. Then headed over to our guitarist's place, I was shown Endless Rain's scores to sight read on a small keyboard that didn't have enough keys. It was the look of joy in their eyes that I decided I'd play. That's when and where I started listening to X Japan. They'd came a long way~

D'J Party itself, well... it's just not quite the same being held in Suntec. Somehow I miss the days of defuse, genexis, l'zefier, amethyst... ah this is random.

Here, from left to right. You have an extremely loving looking zemotion, a DDDDDD: faced Kagetsuki, and a I-has-parasol-desu Dawn.

The picture makes absolutely no sense, but it's cute methinks. Although I've to admit that I wish I looked more dynamic than, of all things, loving. That's just damn freaking wrong for my image. D: