I'm hardly updated about competitions, but this one I know, because I am judging. XD

A fringe event of the Singapore International Photography Festival, Asian Mosaics Travel Photography Competition is calling for entries, deadline is 31st August.

The prizes look pretty good hee, go take a look.

I've finally managed to decline enough shoots to have days for breathing and sleeping.

I've also finally managed to do a personal session I'd wanted do. *is happy* Joyce and I both think the girl looks like Keira Knightley.

Had a dream about air rifle a few nights ago. It's a wonder because it is very very very very rare for me to dream about air rifle, even in my days of full time training.

I was watching a competition. There were participants from veterans (a couple batches before myself and aren't around anymore now) not wearing their full getup to current national team shooters (or at least I think they were) who were just slacking and shooting terribly.

I was so horrified and disgusted I felt like pushing them all off and shooting myself. It was all so bad I woke up.


At least it was better than dreaming about bad photoshoots.

Arissa, Dawn and I were discussing about our epic shoot of the year that we ought to plan, (Last year's was The Midnight Game, and I haven't even managed to finish the photos' DI yet) and somewhere along the line Dawn had to spam distract me with photos of Williams.

I really do not need. =_=

A little reading had me updated that SDs have became more affordable than before and the idea of owning a Williams became more enticing, but I has good resistance to temptation desu. *laughs and rolls around*

My dream would be to own a Koitsukihime doll (for what I do not know). Although there are the more affordable pieces at low thousands, the really nice ones I saw at the exhibition when I was in Tokyo were around 30000USD (and that be a harem of 20 williams all dressed in h.Naoto). Then again maybe it's because they were exhibited pieces. Ahhhh don't know.

Oh well just daydreaming. Random random random. It's been a looooooooooong time since I woke up at 9am on a day with no shoots/meetings. Too bright, too early, too noisy, too incoherent.