Lolita is not Cosplay


Plugging for Zeng, who shamelessly spammed me at 2am while I am trying to type my thank you essay (painfully) for my photobook. Booo.

Oh well, but it's cute so he is forgiven. See more at Ah girl and monkey.

Received a call today from the UK informing me that I'd won a Silver and two Bronzes at the British Professional Photography Awards.

So yes, I'd be flying to London again this Oct. It'd be nice to take a break after the exhibition madness, even though I have Bangkok at the end of Sept (and I will get to see Lee Sedol. *swoons*). Hahaha.

I just wish it's somewhere less expensive, at least if it was Tokyo, I can blow my savings on Alice Auaa with a meaning. Ahhhhhh~~ I don't even remember how St John's Wood was like anymore.