Next week is going to be crazy. ;_;

Way too much things to organize.

I don't know whether I'm obsessed with work or weiqi or just Tokyo, I actually dreamt of being back in Japan looking for a goban for a photoshoot.

I was in some old shops managed by grandmas and grandpas. One old man was telling me how difficult it would be to find thick gobans with legs these days. I was being picky about the design, and absolutely wanted the height. Odd thought there because there is usually just one design (I think).

Eventually someone drew me a map and directed me elsewhere to an even older shop. Whether I found my goban or not, I don't know. Maybe it just couldn't happen because I don't have the money for one. Hahaha.

Perhaps the sourcing for props for upcoming shoots has finally gotten to me.

Oh well, at least it was kind of a nice dream. My dreams involving weiqi are always kind of pleasant now that I think of it, and such dreams are so very rare.