Omg the Women's 10m Air Rifle is already over~! Start time was 8.30am instead of the usual 9.

Czech Republic's Katerina Emmons won the first gold of the Games with a perfect qualification score of 400/400, which equaled the World Record, and set a new Olympics Record. Her finals score was 103.5.

China's Du Li ranked 5th after finals, her qualification was 399/400 and finals was 100.6, a whole series of very low 10s and a 9.7.

I think 399 is probably Du Li's average, but the finals performance could really have been better... It's so unfortunate, I've no doubt that China was pinning on this to be the first gold of the Beijing Olympics Games.


While watching the Olympics opening last night I was actually going all over Katerina telling Jie Ying (my intern) how amazing she was, but I didn't even think of the possibility of Du Li losing this medal. She's that godlike~

I feel so sad. I guess it's a little personal since I'd trained under her national coach a few times when I used to go to Shanghai for winter trainings, their stories had always been so inspiring to me...

Haaaaaaiz. T_T

Now I'm watching the Live Results for Men's 10m Air Pistol qualification. Man I feel nervous just looking at it.

Oh oh oh Jason Turner just screwed up his 3rd series. *_*

Ahhhhh mum why didn't I go to Beijing with you to watch the Games. I wanna be there~~~ not here doing.. doing... DI.


A tiny voice tells me, it's because I have to work and have no life. Not true~

Fine I shall camp out, and just watch the results page update itself.

*edit* 3.28pm
Men's 10m Air Pistol finals just ended. Omg qiangggg. China's 2nd Gold in the Games~~!

Pang Wei's final score 102.2 (that's like, damn high for pistol).