September Editorials

For Harper's Bazaar: One of my favorites~ The necklace is sooo beautiful T_T

Styled by Alli Sim.
Kind of missing 2 beauty shots, I don't know where they went, maybe the next issue. >_>

Smitten's decor spread:
Styled by Yin. We had like, 48 donuts (I only took 6, really, and Kagetsuki and I finished all 6 after the shoot hahaha).

Styled by Yin too, makeup by Cherlynn Ong, hair by Kenneth Ong.

For Appetite.

Lasalle-SIA had been ridiculous. I don't know to laugh, or cry. Laugh bitterly I guess. Lawl.

After dragging the payment for 4 months, they've decided to inform me that they would be deducting 80% of my payment for my "school fees", for the months AFTER I received dozens of letters telling me I'd permanently withdrawn. And despite ALL that, I'd never received the 20% outstanding payment anyway.

Someone tell me how is this even legally correct?

My Wacom just gave its first sign of dying today. Horrible things all happen at the same time, I don't even feel like I can laugh it off anymore.


Well, that's about as much as I should rant. Back to work, starting Tuesday we'll begin the printing for the exhibition pieces. I'll remember to take photos~~

I'd like to thank everyone who'd sent their congratulations for the exhibition and purchased Something Beautiful, your support and encouragement really mean so much to me, especially in a time like this.

I promise not to rant in the future, so just forgive me, and let me be childish today...~ T_T