Spent the day catching up with my dose of CGHub that I'd been missing out on since the exhibition started.

Such an inspiring place, it makes me yearn to create new works (which I don't have time for, right now. gah~)

I love, love love his paintings. They're traditionals and go up to 60". Awesomeness.

Taron didn't post that much but he's like my new 3D hero. :D

Awesome is awesome.

Had dinner with Ray Toh, Gary and Wai Ming at Curry Flavor at City Hall. The taste was a little mild but the hazelnut chocolate was absolutely love.

Chatted about the most random stuff and found out from Gary that Lucasfilm Singapore is 300 people strong. Like woah. 300~!!!!! *_*

Wai Ming said if I'd like to join them I can start from working at the pantry.

After dinner we headed over to Mr Bean's for more drinks. Talked about random stuff like my experience/visit to Amano's house, anime, me getting called a nerd for all Gundam topics, the mentions of awesome young Singaporean concept artists, and a bit on Disney Animations, and Gary related his visit to Pixar.

His friends were loitering (wth?!) outside Pixar one fine day, a security guard saw that some of them were wearing the Lucasfilm's shirt and said like, "hey, I used to work in Lucas too!" And offered to bring the group of them in for a tour. =_=

It was fun. I haven't had such a kind of laughing session in a long time.

I'm going to be at the exhibition tomorrow and Sunday, drop by if you're free! Monday I'll be flying to Bangkok. Whee~~ :3