Day 6-7: Manchester, London, and back home

Day 6: Dreamplace

Shot in Manchester. :3

Returned back to Derek's place from Hilton after 12am the night before. Packed till 3am and there was STILL no hot water, so I ended up going to sleep feeling filthy and totally wrecked. I'd only managed to get 3 hours of sleep the morning before.

Managed to sleep for almost 5 hours this time.

And I had this dream, there was this rg air rifle junior of mine, my mum, jun, lee sedol, and i. (Strange combination, then again, it's just a dream)

Turned out quite horrifying, it ended with me slashing myself. =_=

Forgot to upload this, think it was taken on the way from London to Newcastle.

Anyway, moving forward, my makeup artist Andrea picked me up from Manchester Piccadilly station and we went over to her place to wait for Maan, who flew into London from Netherlands in the morning and had to take a train from there. >.< Stuff that kept me occupied as I waited for makeup and hair to be done.

Reached back in London at 9+, Kiem picked me up and we headed for dinner at Hakkasan. The sea bass was really nice. *_*

*I was so damn tired I fell asleep typing at this point of time, and woke up to find the laptop fallen next to the bed. Argh.

Day 7: Last day!

Sick. Very very sick. Cancelled more shoots.

Did a few simple casual shots with Maan again, some nudes inside: 1, 2, 3.

Then Karin visited with a blueberry pie from PAUL.

Really awesome. *_*

Um, then, pack, and come home. Yay.

Think the weather in Newcastle and Manchester really got me. Now I'm really really sick, my nose won't stop running and I'm coughing so much I feel like my voice is gonna disappear tmr.