There're a couple things I should be doing right now, but had been procrastinating from for the past few days.

There're a couple things that I wanna do, or rather, been yearning to do lately, none of which is actually very good for me or my health.

I did get to do something for myself though, something which hasn't happened in a whie. A reshoot, sort of, of "Newspapers are good for you". Man, it's been a year and a half already...

This was done with pages from my photobook that I'd kidnapped from the printers before they were cut up. (yun's "fading" is probably most the identifiable, bottom left)

Kind of in a low now...

Like I'm stuck in a huge bustling square with too many directions, options and distractions; it is chaotic yet at the same time sickeningly quiet because despite being surrounded I am so very alone.

Need to move along, yet can't.