Beijing Part I

Still alive, my apologies for the disappearance~

Before I start, no idea what overcame me, on impulse, I permed my hair before going to Beijing:

Waahhahaha~ *complete randomness*

Onto Beijing, just some photos.

korean barbecue with Quentin at 三千里. good food is good food. (quentin's like uber big now, one of the reasons I went back this time was to see his exhibited works at the Dior show. will blog more about this later)

random self portrait


noah's doodle of me while i worked on his book.

3 hours in a all-you-can-drink coffee place, i hate it when my hair stinks of smoke. way too many smokers there. gah~


Dinner at 河边涮肉. Pretty awesome. Talked about all sorts of random crap. The guys said noah needed to perfect his introduction of me which was absolutely below acceptable. I shook hands with everyone before he even begun his dramatic lines each time. XD

Someone also said I should 绑个6米6的床单,再一个人拿吹风机,亮丽登场,additional spotlights are optional. lawl



walked pass a whole population of people complaining about not seeing red leaves. It was really cool listening to them actually, funny slangs and lingos. :3



These are taken with my phone, I sorta regret not bringing my camera.

Restaurants there are a bit pricey, pretty steep for China imho.

Where we had lunch. Here it was about SGD7 for a milkshake, SGD29 for a plate of mushroom... roughly.

Watched Perfume, love love love love the cinematics so so much.


Shot with Alli. Went around chasing geese in the gardens. Hahaha.

Comical aren't they.

Inside the house.

We had dinner together, I was gonna get the bill since I forgot my wallet during lunch and her dad treated us... then her parents joined us just before we ordered and it was impossible with just 400RMB that I carried. =_= *heartbroken and embarrassed*

And Alli:
more to come~