Beijing Part II

Short trip to Huainan.



Beef noodle soup one morning~


Attended a concept artist meetup with 阿花 in Beijing.

Most right holding my book is 透明人, next to him 李亚, and on the left 2 fanboys.

Saw wanbao as well, forgot to take picture...~ >_< It doesn't look like much here, but I think there were 70 or so people. Pretty epic *_*

Headed over to 李亚's place afterwards and we talked till 2+

ahua's friend (left), lee ya, me and ahua (right), discussing the concept of teams.


Went to the Chinese Qiyuan, saw Kong Jie playing with Zhou Rui Yang, some kids playing cards, and had lunch with a couple people I'd met back in Bangkok during the Ing Cup Semi-finals plus a guy from international chess who played a game with me that morning (go, not ichess haha). XD

Missed my sleepover with Kagetsuki in Beijing. T_T