Paris Dec Part I

We stayed at a hotel that wasn't even done renovating for the first 2 nights. The smell of paint was driving me up the wall. I couldn't believe we were staying in a place that was like that.

But yay we changed to a better place today, and as an apology each one of us received a bottle of champagne. Awesomeness.

Recce photos

So fucking beautiful.
I heard when Langlang shot there the rental was 1.5mil rmb for 3 days. *_*

And because yuanyuan was super on about going to Cafe de Flore, we went.
First we saw the son of LVMH's CEO (whom they met during the Dior exhibition opening in Beijing), then realized that we were sitting near Sofia Coppola. Quentin and Yuanyuan couldn't believe that I didn't know who she was. =_=

Went to more awesome places today but I'll leave those pix for next time cuz I wanna sleep now, it's been a long day~~