Though it was a while ago when first I heard about the possibility of this being the last EOY, the news of the official statements saddened me so much more than I thought it would.

My first attendance was in 2001. Funny how I remember Esca said how I should dry my hair, or at least neaten it a bit before getting out of the house.

In 2002 I started hanging out with some RG seniors, and sang to Piece of Heaven each time it played in the background.

I think it was around that time when the cosplay circle started expanding and getting complex.

And bleeding into mid 03, someone very dear left us.

The series of events from that time made a huge impact upon me... I learnt to have a purpose, to cherish and treasure and live life.

There had been so many memories and bonds created along this path that are so very precious and dear to each and every one of us.

Thank you guys, for everything you'd done for this community all these years.