25 things meme

You do agree with me that overworking, is not good, right?

And that it is ok, once in a while, to be distracted, by doing something like a meme, right? *innocent wide grin*

Okay I'm being silly, nevermind.

The Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. (I'd tagged the people I'd wanted to tag on FB, so it's just the 25 points here~)

1. It should be made compulsory to teach children how to post a letter/package in primary school. Like, for eg., understand that stamps are the postage fees.

2. I have picked up piano again this year, and am currently stuck on page 7 of Without You (Classical Version). Just how do you play it with 2 hands?

3. I've low tolerance for people with low simple-task-completion capabilities, like understanding instructions such as: A is A, and it means A, not B. I am learning to deal with it though.

4. My wardrobe consists mainly of black. And black. Well I think there are 2, or 3 pieces of whites, and... that's about it.

5. Despite the number of anime and manga I'd seen/read (include the BL if you must), I still think that Aya (Weiß) is the hottest thing ever.

6. zemotion means zero emotion. It comes from Zoning and Emotionally Range Omitted system aka the ZERO system in Gundam Wing. I do not enjoy being called kosong, or the various other language versions of the number.

7. Speaking of which, I actually read everything here in Primary 4, or 5. Took notes, and attempted memorizing the build and design of every space colony mentioned. (It was indeed very much a childhood dream to live on a space colony, I thought I'd become an engineer, but alas...)

8. My new year resolution of sleeping before 1am every night has gone down the drain since some 8 days ago. I do plan to reinforce it for at least 2 weeks a month because it makes me feel just slightly healthier.

9. I have a major, major thing, for beautiful high quality packaging.

10. I like things and stories to be beautiful and tragic. Yes, angst please, just don't get too sappy.

11. I have too strong a sense of justice and honour than the society calls for.

12. I know I'd came far in a short amount of time, but I can never let go of the insecurities and inferiority, this feeling that I'm always in your shadows. Never good enough.

13. Despite the years that have gone by, I still think about the ones who left us, now and then. Despite their careless words, such as "one day you will forget", I still remember.

14. I'm attracted to people who play instruments, go, write well, and paint well.

15. Sometimes I dream every night for weeks, and wake up remembering all of them, the scenes often painted with my own blood.

16. I try to please everyone around me, mainly because I don't like conflicts.

17. I did photography because I concluded that I couldn't settle with the fact of knowing that I'd never surpass Noah.

18. I always think myself to be rather friendly, maybe a little quiet in big crowds. But there were people who came up to me during conventions, or after a period of time at school, saying I have a Dark Try-Approach-Me-and-See-How-You-Will-Die Aura.

19. I dislike crowds and noisy places, it makes my head ache. Unless you're talking about say, X Japan concerts.

20. My first read of Neil Gaiman's was The Sandman, Vol10 - The Wake, a gift from Derek on K's death anniversary in 2002.

21. I always think that when a person speaks of being left with no choices, he had. And it's possibly one of the worst excuses to give, ever.

22. Oh wow, 22.

23. I like to write, now and then, for my photographs or Noah's paintings. Just every once in a while even though I am terribly slow at it. I spend on average an hour per sentence, miserable as it sounds, I still do it.

24. I am practical, but idealistic.

25. And now and then, I distract myself from what I am supposed to be completing and do things such as these for hours...

Alright, off to prepare the prints for tomorrow~