tell me how not to be angry.

when i care so much.

when i was hurt along the way, just as much as you.

when i was the only one who ever stood out for you, every time; when none of the people you'd devoted your life to, dared to or bothered.

when it's like watching a kid grow up and play the piano. who's playing the wrong note on the same key over and over, and over.

for a year, for five years, for ten years.

tell me how to ease this anger, knowing that you're in this everlasting circle of getting hurt, when it's stoppable?

it is your kindness, graciousness, to them. but have you considered, ever, just even for the tiniest bit, just how much it hurts me?

do you know, that till this day, i still have nightmares of him hunting us down, trying to kill us; of me watching my flesh being torn from my arm and being unable to turn away?

have you considered my pain, for all the greater good you do? or is it because i am kin, that my pain matters lesser than helping the ones who are not, no matter how they hurt us in return?