For Men's Folio. Did it a little while back...

Went on a little shopping spree recently.

The interest in reading texts without illustrations is sudden. Perhaps the lack of artbooks to purchase had made me anxious and sparked off a dying need to get something, anything, in print.

The result was a large stack of Tennyson, Donne, Dante, Maupassant and random children's stories which I do not believe yours truly is capable of finishing. It does kind end off with some artbooks though, eventually. I had somehow managed to find an interest in Rubens despite my extreme inclination for the Pre-Raphaelites along the way.

And then there was this array of wonders that is Junya Watanabe x Comme de Garçons... which was... ohmygodokayletsnotgothere.

Why oh why am I writing such a ridiculously incoherent entry? Because I feel horribly ill and am severely lacking the ability to think and work whilst being thoroughly occupied with a roll of tissue paper for my perpetually running nose wondering just when had I ran out of my 90% cocoas from Royce' and just why had I not stocked up more the last time I was out.

Right, incoherent I said.

I think a coffee, or three, could fix that.

Oh I'm such a spaz today~

But then, it's not such a bad thing because most of the time spastic = hyper, which often = happy...? XD