Back to work

Been curling up in bed for days way too many.

Enough is enough. Can't angst forever.

Despite doing practically nothing the past week, it had been a lot of shallow sleep and nightmares which had me more worn out than rested. I was so tired today I actually contemplated sleeping on the floor after my shoot. It was some awesome willpower that dragged me off the floor to pack up the studio (which is a damn freaking huge place for packing up when I'm all alone, gah).

Anyway, under Arissa's prodding I started listening to Jrock again (online via JSHOXX). I'm so outdated it's not even funny. There're like gazillion bands out there now that I'd totally not heard of before. =_=

Oh well, it is nice to hear some old tracks once in a while, and definitely pleasant to find out that Ruki's voice has improved drastically from the days when I used to buy Gazette's albums (circa 2004? wow, been quite a while). Aside from that I'm kinda digging Acid Black Cherry and Abingdon Boys School right now~

Revamped my homepage last night, works in Safari now, also updated with some works that ought to be there but weren't.

Dominance War's main competition is gonna start very soon. Oh man I'm so excited~!!

PS: Some of you may have noticed that I'm on Twitter now (because njoo wouldn't stop annoying me to). Recent updates can be found on the right hand side column of my blog, but you can also follow me on Twitter itself. :3