Ing Cup Finals - Part I

We're staying at The Fullerton Hotel.
I really love my job sometimes.

Beds are a bit small after they'd been split up, but awesome bathroom is awesome bathroom.

Shameless self portrait moment with the mirror which I have in almost every hotel I stay in. Hehe.

My roommate sleeps early. So for the first night I forced myself as well, and woke up at 1am having a hard time falling back asleep because it's just so different from my usual schedules.

8am a reporter called for Go Seigen's caretaker. (I was roomed next to him, but had swapped with the caretaker and daughter because their rooms were way too far apart) *sighs* There went my jingna-attempts-to-sleep-in and jingna-takes-the-elevator-with-go-seigen-everyday plan.

Oh then I had breakfast a table next to him this morning. Hahaha.

Headed for Singapore Flyer after lunch. We had surprisingly nice clouds today (which never, ever, appear, when I am doing my photoshoots. Why, oh tell me why.)

Marina Barrage from the Singapore Flyer.

Fast-forwarding my afternoon (where I had a shoot with everyone being about 1.5hours late), welcoming dinner was held at Lao Beijing. Go Seigen (I found out most generally address him as 吴老师, Joe and I were wondering a million possibilities...) actually insisted on taking the chartered bus with us instead of being chauffeured to the restaurant. Such a grand honour was something we never expected. He is 95 afterall. And frail like nothing else.

Go Seigen and wife. 吴清源和夫人。

Just seeing them was surreal. And she's really lovely and... cute. Back in the hotel after dinner while waiting for others in the lobby she started talking to me, despite my several attempts of "I cannot understand Japanese", “我不会说日语”, "Nihongo wo wakarimasen..." She continued on fervently. Hahaha.

Back to the dinner. While I was busying myself with taking photos of others someone suggested to take a shot for us. I was like. Oh. I didn't think about that. Lol?

Jingna with the go master and his wife. (Yeah, please pardon my really horrible hair, after a day of running around and all)

I was approached a couple times by teens in a youth weiqi connection group saying they'd seen my coverage on the Ing Cup Semi-finals, which somehow became a motivation for me to do this post tonight.

At the end of the dinner Go-sensei 题字ed for Singapore (the Weiqi Association, rather).

It's so painfully difficult for him to get up I can't believe they put him through this. Oh god, and I think more camera flashes went off than at the finale of Christian Dior Couture runway's finale walk backstage.

Go Seigen and wife, with Choi Chul Han (崔哲澣) 9P (apparently this is the spelling I saw on the roomlist provided by the hotel, but on the official pamphlets it's all Choi Cheol Han?) and Lee Changho (李昌鎬) 9P, the finalists.

Did I mention I don't agree with Choi Chul Han's new hairstyle? D:

A closeup of 吴清源老师's题字:“河山一局棋”

Alright, that's all for this update (oh Wireless@SG, thank you so).

Tomorrow the first game begins.

PS: Please pardon any grammar and vocab misuse, I'm severely lacking in rest and time. >_< More on Ing Cup:
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