Macbook Pro 17"

Looks good so far. I'm just in need of a Firewire 800 cable to replace the FW400 for my cardreader, since there isn't a port for FW400 anymore.

And since I'm here, might as well update the rest of the recent pocket-damaging shopping.

Ann Demeulemeester sweater.

Junya Watanabe coat.

Also bought Tim Walker's Pictures, thing was so damn heavy to lug around it isn't even funny. But I managed home in one piece. Yay.

And just to spoil the post with some bright happy photos --

Jingna stares at Peixuan lovingly...~
...while having high tea at Cova (in Paragon, Orchard :3). Peixuan and I wanted to have a tiny private celebration of sort with Dan for his 21st birthday, as belated as it was.

Peixuan couldn't stop gushing about the decor. We liked the tea, the foie gras was a common favourite but the best was still recounting the old times and sharing gossips from the shooting range again. :3