Sometimes I wish the pre-trip-packing-anxieties will go away.


The talk at Supperclub was good today. I was one of the guest speakers but it wasn't a long session so I apologize for not mentioning this before~ many thanks for all those who turned up and said hi. It was awesome meeting you.

After the event was over I was introduced to someone who flew in just to see me. I don't know what I'd done to deserve this but I know feel terribly loved. Thank you T_T

Back to packing now~

PS: Oh, um, I'd been meaning to do an entry on this, but I just keep forgetting. I won 3rd place in Advertising/Fashion at WPPI 2009. I heard many of you were at the event in Las Vegas, thanks for all those who informed me!!! Will update a photo of the plaque when I'm back~