Beauty stuff

This was photographed a loooong while back. Makeup by Amar, model is Fruzsina.

Man, these days I no longer look at my backlog in horror -- the list of shoots I've yet to DI has gotten so long I don't even feel like they are my works anymore, haha. /emo

Packing for Tokyo now, just why are the camera and lenses so heavy... *grumble grumble grumble*

Anyway I'm currently feeling slightly very annoyed with myself for making a super stupid mistake in booking my air ticket. Yuta's having some public performances from the 24th till tomorrow, and at the back of my head I kept thinking, so long as I arrive there in the day, I'll be able to catch the show. However, after checking with Chris I was reminded that it starts at 2pm for tomorrow and I only touch down in Narita airport at that time. =_= So gah~ I'll be arriving a couple days early in Tokyo for almost nothing. >_>

Oh well, crossing my fingers and hoping he'd at least have time to model for me again, though I really don't know whether it'd be possible. Blahhhh I wanna shoot I wanna shoot~

Ok pack pack, gotta focus~!