Japan Part II: Day 5-7 Tokyo-Kyoto

Forgot to add that I went to see the Daibutsu at Kamakura on Day 4. Here's an additional photo. We also had really nice ice cream there~~ XD

Day 5: Ginza + Akihabara

I generally try not to schedule shoots back to back for the sole reason of needing time for recovery... since I had super little rest the night before, I slept in and missed the trip to Tsukiji in the morning. ;_;

Got up around noon-ish. Walked through Ginza, but didn't really do much. Bought a nice white file from Ginza Hands (Tokyu Hands). It's really really pretty ._.

Had our late lunch there too~

Then headed off to Akibahara.

I bought a few books, but I mailed them back so I haven't got photos of them...

Also bought a 70-200 f2.8L lens from Yodobashi. Ahh I just love long lenses so much.

If only they weren't so damn heavy... (and expensive?) Argh.

Super awesome okonomiyaki for dinner~

Day 6: Ohanami~

Went to watch cherry blossoms at 小石川後楽園 in the late morning, they were selling amazake at the place!!! I was so happy because I really wanted to have it again after trying the last time (at Arashiyama ;_;)

Made a point to go to Laforet in the afternoon, it's like, my compulsory shopping stop.

And totally overspent there.

I'd been eyeing Gadget Grow ever since the first time I entered Laforet. I can finally sort of afford to buy something from there. My spending plan for GG was one top and one accessory, but I ended up getting 3 tops and a wallet. D:

But oh I love their stuff so much ;_;

Shopping is sin~ T___T

It has totally taken over Alice Auaa's #1 spot not just because I love their designs, but also because of the fact that they actually fit me pretty well. I have to admit, thought, it's simply because Alice Auaa's pieces have cuttings meant for petite Japanese girls... and I am able to fit Gadget Grow's stuff well because it's a menswear label. *sighs*

Day 7: to Kyoto

Met up with Rimfrost and saintsazzle from dA in the morning. They're from Norway. :3

Chris and I brought them to Ueno Park~ We had a very very short hanami, but it was lovely. (Chris makes an awesome tourguide desu)

Headed off to Kyoto in the afternoon.

By the time we reached and settled in it was pretty late already, so nothing much went on for the rest of the day, other than meeting up with my assistant Abby for dinner, who arrived in Kyoto a day before.

The streets of Kyoto at night... so very nostalgic.

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