The Lady of Night.

Recent work done for Female Brides Spring 2009.

Editor: Allyson Klass
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Assisted by: Lim Jin Yi
Styling: Vernon Sim
Makeup: Jasmine Tham
Hair: Greg-O
Models: Miriam B and Sharon V/Ave

Hectic schedules throughout after I returned from Japan. Photoshoots, meetings, with agencies, stylists, editors... Things were going up and down in such extremes I think I aged a couple years in the span of a few days. But it's all good, I'm still alive (just having a horrible flu, sore throat... and I think the fever's coming up), I even received an early birthday present. *happy*

Did some amazing photoshoots and met great new people to collaborate with. Retouching's a pain but oh well... Nothing I can do about it ;_;

I'm going back to Japan again. Yoshitaka Amano's exhibition~~! Amano's exhibition!

PS: For those who're still contemplating about Dominance War IV, it's not too late, yet, just do it~! Deadline is 11th May.

Oh god. I really feel miserable. Flu, sore throat, I hate youuuu.