Vue Studio, 24 Apr 09.

Probably the last time for me to use this place before the studio moves to a new location. They were already halfway through with the tear-downs when I was there today.

I'd done some 30 shoots here since the end of 2007 -- agency tests, fashion and portrait editorials, covers, interviews, filming... The very place where I was first granted ample chances to play with various Profoto lights, Hasselblad backs and lots of studio space; the very place where I printed the beautiful canvas prints for my exhibition last year; the very place, where I'd spent days with my assistants and interns, where it had felt like family.

I was a little sad, enough that I didn't want to see the new studio after the photoshoot today.

Ahhhhh~ I'm going to miss the old lady who couldn't write receipts for the lunches we ordered. She made everyone who came to the studio succumb to her awesome burgers, fries and chicken wings. I really loved her milk tea ;_;

It was bare, beautiful and quiet. I looked at the lights, makeup room, stashes of comp cards, the space, and I tried to memorize this place, bit by bit, for the little corner that I'd reserved for it in my heart.