Of all the things that went on in Tokyo... What I remember most of is a sudden desire to buy my own place.

It's so completely random I know, haha.

I mean, it's nothing I haven't dreamt of before. But I guess it's suddenly strange now, because unlike the time when I was a child, it's become more realistic and achievable.

It's like, suddenly, the world is smaller; yet back then, a tiny room used to be gigantic and intimidating.

A series of events unfolded, managing to somehow squeeze and condense themselves all into a few days.

And so, for the first time, I found myself musing over the wonders of fate. (But no, unfortunately, it's not about a melodramatic chance meeting with a gorgeous guy, or my desired harem of bishies and Williams...)

Received an unexpected email on my birthday.

This time I didn't cry, for I now understand that the 'one day' we speak of is no longer impossible.

So stay the cheerful you that you have always been. When that one day comes, I hope I'll be able to hear you sing again.