Paper Doll

Kinda old. Was digging around for images for my website revamp and came upon more than a dozen shoots that I'd never posted much of.

I like the colours in these ones. (And the fact that the pages are proofs from my photobook haha)

I really do rant quite a bit lately, but I end up shooting and retouching a lot too. If they go hand in hand, ranting more isn't that horrible a thing, right...? XD

Recently I've started to make it a point to take behind-the-scenes photos, because it's been requested for interviews a couple times lately... and so I realized that, to my horror, I really have absolutely none (simply because I never grasped the habit of holding up my camera for anything that's not needed for my end product).

My dear ex-interns and assistants, if any of you reading this have any photos of our shoots together in your possession, please be so kind to share some and email to me. Thank you :D