Generally, I don't care how one criticizes me. Be it my works, personality, or everything that you conjure up in your petty heads.

But damn right I can be affected by things that have to do with people I treat and love as family, and in this case, is family.

I'm so angered by your slanders I'm at an utter loss for words, unable to believe that it's even possible for someone to stoop so low.

Saying that I'm unfilial, or even doubting my love for my mother, is as sacrilegious to me as saying a faithful devotee hates his god.

You have no clue of my childhood or life, or of the pain and hardships we lived through. Don't pretend to know me when the only encounter we'd had was on the night you gatecrashed my invite-only book launch/exhibition opening.

I love her above all else, you haven't a single right to say the words of lies you told.

I only pity your bitterness.