STGCC Wrapup

Just a quick post w/ the only few images I have from Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention.

I totally forgot to go around!! D:

With renr

With kagetsuki.

Noah doing demo.

Me, supposedly signing, and looking evil.

This pic is posted for the sole purpose of showing off my awesome Alice Auaa top (which you can't see much of, except for the sleeves).

Noah insisted that my signature's so simple his book should cost $5 more just for his efforts in producing a complex one. =_=

Random camwhoring pic~

Had dinners with Asuka111, vic-mon, manda, sandara, kidchan and many more, who're all super awesome in their own ways and styles, I'm so so happy to see you guys again~

And I absolutely cannot thank enough the ones who came over to our booth, I'm so sincerely, utterly grateful for your support. I have no words, only thank you, thank you, and thank you. <3