Studio safety + designTAXI interview

I was giving a talk for Profoto last night, during the light change I talked about the importance of putting weights and sandbags for light stands and booms -- that I'd been on sets when lights fall -- and boom! A beauty dish crashed to the floor behind me.

Oh. The irony.

At least no one was injured, and the light survived the crash (amazingly. The last 2m fall I experienced didn't kill the bulb either. Profoto FTW~!).

But yeah, studio safety. Use sandbags, weigh down booms, tape down wires and no uncapped liquids anywhere near the equipment vicinities.

I'd been on a sort-of break the past week. It's the first time I get to spend such a long break in Singapore in the past year.
It's actually pretty awesome to just laze around, attempt my 1984293 books and meet up with friends. I think the last time I had hung out with so many people in the span of a week was some 7 years ago.

A while back I was privileged with a featured interview for designTAXI.

Check it out here: The Front Seat Interview - Melancholy as an Aesthetic Emotion

It's one of my favourites to date. Thank you Gwen for the awesome questions~