Where the Wild Things Are

Harper's Bazaar Singapore Sept 09

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Alli Sim
Hair/make-up: Marc Teng
Manicure: Joyce Chang
Model: Weronika/Ave
Photography Assistants: Hoong Weilong, Abby Lim
Styling Assistant: Jacquie Ang
Additional Assistant: Michelle Chow

This was the first time I got to work with Marc. Really really awesome on set (and photogenic too) . We got to work together again on the Oct issue, which I think should be out soon. ^^

Just some behind the scenes

Abby and I being mimicking the pose silly, just 'cause we can. Hahaha. /lame

Anyway, I want to say big big thank you to everyone who left a comment (here or dA or twitter or via email) in response to the previous post. It really touches me that it meant... something to somebody.

In regards to writing more, I will attempt when time permits itself again. =D

Heading back to Singapore tomorrow, gotta start packing for New York and LA~ Anyone has a fav to recommend for to-do and to-see and to-eat? =D