Master Photography Awards 2009

I won the title of Overseas Master Photographer of the Year at the Master Photography Awards 2009, held last night at Hilton in Newcastle, UK.

We did a short interview with BBC briefly after the awards dinner, at which point I was so overwhelmed my brain fried and refused to function. If you do actually happen upon it when it's out (I don't know when, and people somehow always find out about these things before I do), please forgive me for sounding too dumb lol. *headdesks*

Will update with more photos later. Just got back to New York today. I ought to start packing for tomorrow's flight to LA, but my body hurts from all the plane and train rides so bad I don't wanna move. ._.

Hope everyone's had a good weekend too~ <3 PS: Meetup for New York will be this Sunday 3-6pm, 18th Oct. On 7th Ave and W 58th St. Pretty near Central Park~ More info here.