Night Fever

Elle Singapore Nov '09

Photography: Zhang Jingna
Styling: Aida Dolrahim
Hair: Ash Loi
Makeup: Peter Khor
Model: Valeria Kazakova/Mannequin

Wheee recent work are starting to roll out~

I'm still waiting to get the Pond's ads done with Cut Mini in Jakarta, and Sony Vaio ads from China... Alas, it's impossibly hard when I don't live in there. If anyone sees them please send me a pic if you have. =D

Had a small gathering with some friends to sorta celebrate my recent title from the MPA awards at Moomba today. The truffle eggs, the truffle eggs... Make every single trip so damn worth it even if I hate going into the CBD area.

We opened a Dom Ruinart '96 I'd kept for some time, it had gone so bad to the point it was undrinkable. So guys please don't keep wines and champagnes in your bedrooms unless you only wanna use them for cooking ahahhaa. XD (okay maybe I'm exaggerating about the undrinkable part...)

Upcoming I've a mountainload of retouching to catch up on. But afterward it's gonna be a month or so of off. I think I'd worked quite hard enough this year so perhaps it's about time I can take a breather. The next shoot will probably be at the end of Dec in Tokyo. Its planning is most likely gonna take up just about all my free time, I'm crossing fingers it'd turn out good~ I'm kinda nervous and anxious about it. More info later hehe.