During my visit to the deviantART headquarters in L.A. last month, I was asked whether I'd seen the newly introduced framed prints from their prints store. I said no.

And a couple days after I'd returned to Singapore... I received these:

I know. I know. The peeps at dA are just way too nice and it's gonna make me a spoilt child one day. Like, seriously.

But yeah, thank you so so much guys. You don't know how touched I am. T_T

The packages were actually pretty heavy, if I were the postman, I'd have been annoyed at having to lug these up four flights of stairs to my apartment. So thank you too, Mr. Postman~

And so we move on to the opening:

Meticulously packed + perfect condition = *is happy*

deviantART logo on the back of frame.

The print quality and presentation are so awesome I can't find anywhere in our house actually worthy of having them hung.

Plus it'd be kinda narcissistic, lol. 

Oh well, I guess I'll figure something out eventually. XD

Before I end, I just wanna thank everyone who left kind words and messages for the previous posts. Jingna ganbare desu~

PS: For those who asked, the netted top is from Stigmata (a label under Sexy Dynamite London)