Hello again, black hair.

Over the birthday dinner of four friends the night before, the gang debated whether black or ginger blonde hair suited me better. I couldn't really say much, coloured hair probably photograph better, however I think black is kinda cooler. =

I feel pretty productive today. Finally got around to watching Seven Samurai. Aiii Kurosawa had so much humour. It was really funny at parts and despite being such a long movie it didn't feel that way at all.

Thinking back on the anime, I really appreciate how the characters retained their personalities and had in-depth developments, with its own new twists and all. I'm looking forward to the remake of the movie next year.

Zink magazine wrote to me a while back, I feel bad, like I really haven't done enough personal works at all the last few months. D: My backlog is so long I don't even feel like opening photoshop anymore, I'm trying to figure out how to make that feeling go away. Looking at all the get better and sketchbook threads on CGHUB does make me wanna work though. Yosh, time to get busy with it!