Sugizo GIG 2009 ~Next Phase of Cosmic Dance~

Just wanted to post these before they collect too much dust. The experience and memories along with the event was just entirely too amazing.

And one of my favs from rehearsal:


His stage presence is just so incredible, one really has to see him live for the experience.

I've still yet to go through the images from our collaboration, the current project is eating up my nights and days like a monster. We're almost 70% done with the dresses for the shoot now, I hope they can be finished tomorrow so I can have Sunday to work on the story.

Honestly I didn't expect January to start out in such an explosively busy manner, I'd said more noes for this month alone than I did the entire of last year. Hopefully I can stick with the resolutions of spending time primarily on personal work, and present the new book and exhibitions as planned.

Just want to say a proper thank you to everyone for your support the past years. I'll be trying my best, so let's work hard together for this new year.

Chase your dreams with ardent passion and never give up.

Be brave, be strong.