Zaobao Now Frontpage

I accepted an interview for Lianhe Zaobao just before I left for the recent flurry of trips early last month. I actually missed out on the first appointment due to work, so it was amazing that we managed to squeeze it in just a few days before the flight to Lijiang. They were so patient with me. T_T

With it being the largest circulating Chinese daily newspaper here in Singapore, imagine my shock/surprise when people told me I had a feature on the main paper's frontpage header, fashion supplement's frontpage top half page, and another half page inside the papers itself. I was told it was gonna be half a page of article, probably. So that's what I expected, not this. /is not worthy ._.

And then my utter horror upon finding out that my tweet about having had dinner with Sugizo was quoted.

It was a complete I-want-to-dig-a-hole-and-bury-myself-ten-thousand-feet-under moment, except, well, at least the chances of him ever chancing upon the article is pretty much close to zero.

But man the rifle photo is so nostalgic. It must have been some 5-6 years ago now, how did time ever pass by so fast? D:

Edit: For those who're curious, here's the article.