Ichi Soundtrack, I has it.

I really wanted to watch the movie when they screened it during the Japan Film Fest here in Singapore, but alas time didn't permit, so I was really happy to have the opportunity to see it a couple weeks back.

Totally fell in love with the scores during the show, this makes the first CD I'd bought in a very long time. I wouldn't say the movie's so incredible that I'd rave it as a must-watch, but it was enjoyable enough and Haruka Ayase was super badass, I think that more than makes it for me. :D :D :D

Here's the trailer:

While combing through pictures for my upcoming exhibitions I stumbled upon this really really old set of pictures I did with Arissa back in 2007. It was for my submission for the Liquid City anthology put together by Sonny Liew, but as life would have it, with my non-existent story-telling skills, it just didn't happen the way I wanted and I dropped out much to Sonny's dismay.

But for some reason, when I looked through the set again for the nth time yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me that Arissa was extremely beautiful in those pictures. Incredibly, breathtakingly beautiful.

Like, I mean, incredible.

So I tried processing the images a little, and it was like watching a miracle unfold.

I found it so unbelievable how I'd never seen those photographs before, and had a major wtf moment that lasted pretty much the whole day as I tried coming to terms with the discovery.

Point is, it makes me very happy to have wonderful unpublished images to add to the collection I'd be presenting for my show in June at the Japan Creative Center. I may include 1-2 of them as previews during the April show for Fashion Fest which has yet to be finalized as I'm not sure of the installation arrangements yet.

The whole episode really cheered me up from this minor depression I'd been having about my work. Now I'm just stressed out over whether to go to London for a job this month or not. Long flights really, really make me ill.