RIP McQueen.

Managed to get together with the super gorgeous and talented Lara Jade during my short stay in London last October.

I personally don't like being in front of the camera for people and I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. I guess it's because we're photographers, that we tend to get pretty conscious about how we'd be portrayed by somebody else.

It was really flattering for me when Lara agreed to pose for me, and in the usual bleakly cold weather I so like to torture my models in no less.

I'm sorry for the pain I put you through, thank you dear for putting up with me, and also to Skye who came by to assist. It was fun hanging out with you girls. <3

For those who're curious, Lara did take some photographs of me too, but seems like the files got lost before she had a chance to back them up. (The funny thing is this exact thing happened when I shot with seafairy a few years ago too, haha) So... I guess next time, if there's another opportunity for us to meet again. ^^;

P.S.: My L.A. meetup will be at the Griffith Observatory next Saturday the 20th. I'm doing it right before the CGHUB meetup, those who wanna hang around are welcomed to. More info later~