Los Angeles Meetup

I felt a little bad about not doing a meetup the last time I was in L.A., so I thought I had to do a session this time round no matter what. The turnout came to be much more than I'd expected, I think we had 21 or 22 people altogether.
The Griffith Observatory was wonderful, a bit of a pain to get to, but the view was breathtaking. 
We got a little bit lost on our way coming in from Irvine and the L.A. traffic wasn't helping it at all, I was super worried about being late. Upon my arrival however we found the attendees gathered together already, they supposedly magnetized each other somehow, hahaha. And so we took half a dozen tables in a corner at The Café at the End of the Universe and commenced. 

In my usual meetups I talk for about half the time, and the other half I reserve it for the others to talk about themselves for sometimes I find it quite inspiring to hear from others too. But I guess because the group is bigger this time everyone was kinda shy with it, so we ended up doing Q&A and me speaking for the most of it.

Was still ample fun though. Everyone was really sweet. We had people who came down from San Francisco and San Diego. I was so so touched.

And I got gifts again too. Thank you all. T__T

Happy shiny people :D

The whole group~

That little bit of white on the hilltop in the middle at the back is actually the Hollywood sign, only visible if I view this pic at 100% though.

After the meetup we headed downtown for dinner and a couple of the CGHUB peeps who came over from San Fran joined us.

It was awesome meeting everyone, and I think (hopefully? haha) we all had a good time.

I really should try to do a meetup in Singapore some day... Some day.

Some other entries on the meetup:

Heading back home tonight, I'm down with a cold and horrible migraine so I'm dreading the flight. But alas, work awaits, can't stay any longer as much as I'd love to.

Thank you L.A., and all you wonderful people who made my trip so amazing and beautiful. <3