It's a beautiful day.

Harper's Bazaar Singapore Apr 2010 - Untold Desires 

Editor: Alli Sim
Photography: Zhang Jingna
Assistant: Ken Koh
Hair, make-up and styling: Marc Teng
Models: Kateryna F & Anna Tuchina/Mannequin

This is the only editorial I was able to take up thus far this year. Terrible, I need travel lesser.

Here's a quick recap of the last month's activities before I dive back into my enormous pile of DI. In point form because I am lazy don't want it to be draggy.

– Had one hell of a disastrous shoot in London, terrible enough to top The Coldest Day. Nope, not exaggerating, but I am incredibly grateful for the experience.

It was truly humbling. Made me realize there's still so much more to learn and experience and fail and photograph.

– Made a detour to L.A. and managed to not hole up in Irvine for 99% of the time. Visited Santa Monica and The Getty, the da Vinci exhibition's amazing.

– Met up with more Blizzard people. We're going to have a Blizzard meetup one day, really.

– Spent a day having my longest lunch ever with the awesome sculptor Evan Campbell. It was some six hours because we spent four on the road getting to and fro Burbank. Seeing his works in person left me in utter awe and made the travelling more than worth it. Thoroughly enjoyed talking about how tormented we are.

– Visited San Francisco over the final weekend, highlight of the trip being a visit to Pixar. They've got their own chocolate festival!!! So full of win, do want.

It's most impressive I'd seen of a studio, in terms of everything really. But then again I'd seen mostly only game studios (well not counting Madhouse and Gonzo), so I guess the environment could be quite different from those that work on films.

– Had a chance to meet up with my best friend from secondary school days. Saw his Stanford credit card and said we ought to get the Old Rafflesian's Association's one too cuz it looks so uber cool.

– Made it out of London before the airspace shutdown. Flight took off just half an hour before they shut down the runways.

– Got started on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite at some point of time while in Irvine. Now I suffer from withdrawal because I only have a PS3. Meh.

Best pal njoo told me to go on a diet with him cuz I'm getting fat and the population of Seoul cares that he has a good image.

Refused for I'm too lazy and that it's easier to live through his ridicules for a couple of months rather than depriving myself of good food. Whee.

I've also got new pictures for my Twitter background because I felt like I haven't done any personal work in ages. I wish there's someone who can do a new blog layout for me because I just can't stand looking at the current one any longer. Arghhh.

And that's about it for now, to AX and SDCC in July!