Not a particularly special number, but I was looking at the 21 entry from a year ago, and thinking, just how amazing it is that those events all feel so far away now. It's incredible how fast time passes by.

I haven't been updating as much this year, I think I'd became quieter after my grandma's passing.

Little as I do, I still go out, talk to people, hold meetups, joke with friends and do dinners with pals.
But it's just changed.

In a way, I think you can call it becoming accepting. Maybe? 

A long-time client also once mentioned that I seemed to have mellowed over the years. So perhaps, it is just something that comes with age. I don't really know.

Sometimes I feel old. So old.

So much responsibilities to shoulder, so many expectations to not fail, so much money to deal with, variables to consider.

So much, so much of everything.

But even then.

Even then, I still wake up to dreams of those who're gone. I still remember, I still feel. I am still capable of crying. Still human.

I'm still the little girl chasing after her dreams whilst trying not to drown.

For everyone who's followed me thus far, words can't express the gratitude I have for your support and love.

Thank you.