Angel Dreams Wrap-up

The experience of putting this exhibition together was no less painful than doing the first. If anything, only more.

I stayed up till 7am for some 4 weeks. Retouching, organizing, planning. Some days I felt so sick I threw up, I hated it.

So despite having assistant Valerie help run errands, printer pal James check print proofs and installations, I still, on numerous occasions, asked them if I could just not do the show anymore. I felt I lacked so so much, that all I wanted to do was dig a hole somewhere and die.

Then James told me I'd said the same thing while preparing for Something Beautiful two years back, and so all I could really do was suck it up and try live through the process. 

Sure enough, when it was all done, it felt wonderful. I was happy and proud of what was accomplished, like I had overcome a great obstacle (corny as it may sound).

I'd like to thank the Embassy of Japan for their support, the Japan Creative Centre for the absolutely stunning location, and Canon for the epic and beautiful canvas prints.

The exhibition also wouldn't have been possible without the help and support of all my dear friends and loved ones, you have my utmost gratitude:

- Mum, this goes without saying, I love you.

- Valerie, for coordinating everything, like, everything

- Toby, for beta-ing all my flawed writings, putting up with my worst days, drawing my journey story, and staying up with me till 6am, many many mornings... 

- Yip & Asuka -- my dedicated art department advisors, for being there every 3am, helping me decide between images and layouts, when my eyes couldn't see a straight line to be straight any longer.

- James, for helping out with print preparations, proofs, installations and curating. 

- Sugizo, for being supportive and kind. For being the muse since before I even picked up photography. Our shoot meant so much to me, more than what I can express in words, ever. 

- The Moomba Restaurant, for providing awesome catering for my very small and private preview night. (The food was so loved I barely had anything left to bring home after. Blahh.)

And to everyone who took time out to visit the exhibition, thank you. It truly means a lot to me.

The rest is for those who were too far away to make it for the show, please know that I'm thankful for your support too~ <3

A little about the exhibition:

As many of you know, I grew up to Gundam Wing and X Japan.

Gundam Wing taught me to dream, and X Japan inspired my photography.

I worked a lot in the last two years, I've a list of wonderful clients that I'd never even dreamt about being able to work for. But no matter how far I go, it's always been important for me to not forget my past.

Personal work is like an anchor which reminds me of who I am and what I went through.

And this exhibition is a tribute and summary of the Japanese influence that has rooted itself deeply in me since my childhood days.

A special section in the exhibition was the journey room. There was a story of Japanese influence on my life, a wall of outtakes and behind the scene photos, and a display of personal items and things that have made a difference to my work, as well as some drawings of layouts for my Gothic & Lolita Bible photoshoots.

Here you can tell just how much I love Hiroaki Samura, Sugizo, X Japan and Gundam Wing:

And some setup pictures --

And that is all. Sorry for the huge post. Once again, thank you everyone for making this possible~ <3