deviantART's 10th Birthday Bash~!

Toby and I were invited to the deviantART birthday bash at House of Blues in Los Angeles last weekend. Spent most of the time hanging out with yuumei and her best friend Leah.

There were kissing llamas!

House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard. Love the rustic look~

We had early admittance so I went scouting around the place when it was still near-empty. :D I super love all their ceiling details especially the last one. It was used as the staff room so I guess most people didn't get the chance to see, the patchwork is really beautiful~

Bumped into the guys from Imaginary Friends Studios and spoke for a little while.

From left: Artgerm, dcwj, kunkka, ukitakumuki

The deviantART Muro was announced after the event opened proper. Everyone was encouraged to try it out on all the laptops by the bar equipped with the awesome multi-touch Wacom Bamboo tablet.

Artgerm doing a demo for the deviantART Muro
Deviants trying out the dA Muro

At some point of time we found a booth to sit. I gave yuumei my postcard book and she gave me a deck of her Augen Auf cards. She also drew me a bishie with flowers in Toby's sketchbook.

Hagio Moto's drawing is on the previous page!

After the party Toby was a bit traumatized to find out that the guy's naked. Then Yuumei said: "The only thing better than a pretty boy with flowers is a naked pretty boy with flowers XD"

Yuumei's Augen Auf playing cards

Yuumei kept getting fangirls joining us and in the end we had trouble squeezing in. Eventually we progressed to play a drawing game provided by dA. Similar to the game of Broken Telephone but well, on paper.

Basically A writes something and passes it to B. B draws what's written and passes to C. C interprets what the drawing is and writes his interpretation and passes to D, then D draws, etc.

So this is what I wrote, and Toby drew. But when it came back after a round, what the paper said was "Ponyo is stuck in a trash".



(While photographing this I fell off the chair I was standing on cuz I was using a 70-200. -_-)

After the failed (but fun) game we went roaming around trying to avoid stalkerish creepy fangirls.

There was a wall of postcards from deviants around the world wishing dA happy birthday.

Someone used a page from my postcard book! So they do get used afterall, hehehe.

There was also a small gallery of prints from some really good artists~

On the 2nd floor there was a funny chair and yuumei took a photo of me looking kinda angry (as I usually do T_T)

Then we went back to check out the llamas again!

I love how they're walking in the opposite direction of the arrow signs :D
llamas kissing~~!
With imhappyface yuumei XD

deviantART's co-founder Angelo (aka Spyed) did a recap of dA in the last 10 years for his closing speech. Talked about the first days, various versions, groups, and the epic world tour.

deviantART version 2, I was there! XD
So many people~~
Photos from the deviantART World Tour

I happened to be travelling a lot for work last year, so I went for the Singapore, London and Paris meetups. 3 out of the 12 cities they covered! Really awesome~

And then the birthday song~!!

Angelo signing on someone's Fella plushie

DJs came in to spin afterwards and the party continued till 2am or so. Toby and I were too beat so we went to Koreatown with two other friends Grace and Christie to have Korean BBQ. Yum~~

Sunday we met up with Yuumei and Leah at Little Tokyo for lunch and some shopping (mostly snacks lol) and I went to pick up my Alexander McQueen dress. And everyone was happy and I hope that deviantART's 20th birthday bash will be even more epic. :D

~The End!!